Techniques introduction

Badminton is one of the most well known games in the world. However, it is not well known that, at a competitive level, badminton demands many qualities from the shuttler: speed, strength, agility, stamina, skills, accuracy, smartness, mental power and team work.

The badminton shuttle has been clocked at excess of 180mph. To strike the shuttle at that speed requires enormous skill and power (power = strength * speed), gathering the strength of many muscles in the human body to choreograph a thundering smash. At the other end, returning the smash requires quick response and agility. A slight misjudgement will result in losing the point.

A badminton game can last up to 2 hours where most of the time the players are sprinting from corner to corner in the court while hitting the shuttle with amazing speed and accuracy. Such is the result of many years of rigorous and torturous training.

Great techniques and physical fitness alone is not enough to win a badminton game, a successful player must play smart. Using quick thinking to adapt his/her play to the opponents tactics and weaknesses. Using varying speed and position and deceptive plays to earn a edge over the opponent. In the court, the players are left to their own, help is not available from anyone. The player must maintain high concentration and will power, the game hasn’t ended if the scoreboard doesn’t say 15.

While single games demand great stamina from the player, double games demand team work and cooperation between the two players. In a doubles game, in addition to thundering attacks and swift defense, one often see quick drives attempting to penetrate and dissolve the coordinating opponent. Any miscommunication between the players may result in gap in the defense.