What backup racket should you buy?

Many badminton players have more than one rackets. There can be many reasons for having so, the most important one is simply: racket breaks. Badminton strings are thin and they wear out over time, after a certain point, usually a few weeks to a few months of use, they break. Having a strung backup racket will allow you to continue your stay at the gym, and continue to enjoy your game of badminton. And if you are playing a tournament, it is absolutely necessary to have a backup in hand so you won’t need to forfeit the match, or more embarrassingly, borrow a racket from your partner or opponents.

Therefore, I recommend serious badminton players to have at least two badminton rackets in their bags.

Next time you walk into a badminton store, wondering what will be the most suitable badminton racket to serve you as a backup. I hope you will consider my suggestions here.

The choice of a backup badminton racket depends on a few factors. The most important one being what is your main racket. If you are currently using a racket that is suitable to you, then buy a backup of exactly the same model, with identical strung at the identical tension, and wrapped with the identical grip. The reason for this is very simple, if you do break a racket during a match, you will have an identical backup. It takes minimal time for you to adjust to the backup, and let you focus on the match instead. If you have a backup that is different in character in any way, it will take a few rallies to adjust to the weight, balance, tension, etc. By the time you are done, the match may be over for you already. This is so important that you see professional players with up to 10 identical rackets in their bags, if one breaks, they take another one, hit a couple of practice shots to quickly adjust, and then continue the match.

Therefore, I suggest any serious badminton player to buy the exact same racket for backup.

Many people come to BadmintonCentral to ask if they should buy a different model for backup. If you think that your current racket is no longer suitable for you for whatever reasons; or if you are a leisure player and you think that switching to a different type of racket in the middle of your game will not bother you, then by all means. However, do keep what is said here in mind when you decide to get serious with your game of badminton.