Excuses to give when you lose a game…

  1. My partner was lousy

  2. Shuttle went through hole in the net

  3. The lights were glaring

  4. That was your ball, partner

  5. Tournament shuttle was bad

  6. Linesman was cross-eyed

  7. My string was too loose

  8. The ball was too fast

  9. I wore new shoes

  10. I was ‘off’ today. I think I’m sick

  11. I was not yet ready when he served

  12. I didn’t notice that he was left-handed

  13. His service was illegal. Can he do that?!

  14. It was too hot at the club

  15. It was too windy today

  16. There was a draft coming from somewhere

  17. I have a sprain

  18. I didn’t sleep well last night

  19. I didn’t warm up before playing

  20. They cheated in the scoring

  21. They kept directing the ball to my partner

  22. They said they were only class ‘B’

  23. My partner kept getting my ball

  24. My partner and I didn’t gel

  25. They used to be with the national team

  26. My girlfriend quarreled with me last night

  27. The ceiling was too low

  28. I’m on a diet

  29. I have LBM

  30. It’s my monthly period

  31. I forgot to wear supporter

  32. My partner kept blocking my way

  33. My partner was obstructing my view

  34. It was a bad day at the office

  35. Opponent’s form was so unorthodox

  36. I haven’t played in two weeks

  37. My girlfriend was cheering for him

  38. My new shirt was itchy

  39. The floor was slippery

  40. My partner’s rotation was wrong

  41. My partner’s defense was weak

  42. The ump was opponent’s relative

  43. The audience was too noisy

  44. There was dripping from the roof

  45. The courts here seem smaller

  46. They have home court advantage

  47. The pairings were wrong

  48. They had secret training

  49. I get conscious when I’m being video-taped

  50. Whatever!!

  51. Oh…have we started the real game?

  52. Weren’t we supposed to pick up the shots AFTER one bounce!?

  53. I was having a bad hair day

  54. There is something wrong with my contact lenses

  55. O.K. Lets start the game

  56. I was just being nice

  57. I thought they needed the confidence booster

  58. This is a real game??

  59. I wasn’t using my racket.

  60. Someone took my racket!

  61. The net was too high.

  62. The net was too low.

  63. There was a net in the way.

  64. The net moved and blocked my shots.

  65. I play doubles, so I’m not used to singles.

  66. I was trying a new form.

  67. I have tennis elbow.

  68. I have badminton elbow.

  69. Aren’t we still rallying?

  70. They rigged the game.

  71. The net moved on me.

  72. Someone threw something at me.

  73. I had to let my girlfriend win.

  74. That’s my gift to you.

  75. I forgot how to play.

  76. I was kiddnapped by my evil twin sister who plays terrible in badminton!!!!!!that’s why i lost.

  77. my full potential is still fast asleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. My opposition stank of s!*,t i wanted out of there quickly as possible

  79. ummm…it was they’re first game I wanted to make them feel better. Why are you asking?! I gotta go.

  80. The Shuttle Ducked

  81. Is that shuttlecock regulation size?

  82. You never said go!

  83. I learned from the best, I just forgot what I learned.

  84. THere is a hole in my racket

  85. I didn’t sleep well lastnight, so I let them win, cause I so tired today

  86. I was just kidding

  87. Hey the line jumped

  88. You can’t make shots I can’t get thats illegal

  89. Couldn’t concentrate cause you were giving me dirty looks

  90. My foot fell asleep

  91. I only win when I play someone that i consider a challenge

  92. It would be boring if I won EVERY match!

  93. I am honored to be beaten by you

  94. That was a crappy bird

  95. The lines are hard to see

  96. One I use quite often: “The floors are too slippery!”

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