PolyFibre Explosion B6 badminton String Review

i was recent sent a few packets of the PolyFibre Explosion B6 and PolyFibre Explosion B8 strings to test.

the B6 is a thin gauge 0.66mm string while the B8 is a slightly thicker 0.68mm
Polyfibre B6 String
i have only managed to test the B6 as that one sounds more exciting. the first thing that strikes me when i strung the B6 is that the string doesn’t stretch. usually when i string it on my WASE, i can hear the WISE doing its constant pull work, the motor will keep on tensioning the string until it is stretched. however, for the B6, it never moved. as if the string was already pre-stretch in factory.

the coating of the string is very smooth. there is almost no texture as at all. the string slides through grommet hole like butter. but at the same time, it doesn’t make it easy to string as it also difficult to weave as it slides off the finger.

i strung it at a tension of 24lbs on my beloved ARC10.

given the experience on the machine, i was expecting to get a very hard feeling string, but the reality is the opposite. the feel of the string is rather soft. unlike hard feeling thin strings like BG66UM or ZM62, the PolyFibre B6 give a slight feeling of BG65 type softness.

repulsion is quite excellent as would be expected from a thin gauge string. medium high power level is where this string really excels. so if you like to smash but not the super thundering type, this maybe your string. when the power level goes up, it starts to struggle a little and perhaps due to the soft feeling, it needs to be strung higher to bring out its potential.

in touch shots, it does fairly well. being a softer feel string i personally find that it dampened slightly more vibration than my taste. despite that, the shuttle does bounce off crisply. being a fanatic of feel and crispness, it did take some getting used to.

i was worried that the coating is so smooth it would affect touch shot. but it didn’t. i personally didn’t have much issue with it. the string did move quite a bit in the beginning but after they settled in, they were fine.

the Explosion B6 held up really well after 3 weeks of testing. there are slight signs of wear but no issue with string breakage. i expect it to last a few more from this point.

i personally do not know what is the price point. but if it is price reasonably, it is a good string for someone who like to get the power of a thin gauge string but at the same time, prefer the softer feel like BG65.