Happy Holidays!

Christmas Shuttle

Badminton Central Wish everyone a wonderful holiday seasons and a smashing 2014!

Today BC member Break-My-Strings shared with us a wonderful poem that I just have to share with everyone. 

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the courts,
No badminton was playing, nobody in shorts.
Racquets & bags hung, in the closet door-way,
In hopes for an invite, from Lee Chong Wei.

With racquets re-strung at thirty-nine pounds,
Visions of jump-smashing ten feet off the ground.
Dressed in my Yonex from head to my toes,
Practising my serves, my grips are a go!

When out the silence, my smart-phone did ring,
“You’ve got a text message” my android would sing.
I swiped in my password, so excited was I,
Caller-ID said “Unknown” but to my surprise! “

It’s Lee Chong Wei with a special invite,
Let’s play some badminton, are you good for tonite?
We can play some singles or whatever you can,
It’s all up to you, I can bring Lin Dan!”

My fingers replied as fast as a wink,
My feet’s already moving, I didn’t have to think.
Chasse to the back, push-off with my right,
Merry Xmas to all, and to all a Smashing good-nite!

Have a Merry Christmas & a Smashing New Year! Now go and “Break-Some-Strings”!  BMS