GOSEN R4XINSPIRE Badminton String Review


I tried out the R4XINSPIRE string from GOSEN. It’s a 0.69mm diameter string and according to specifications, designed for durability.

First things first, I need to get it strung up. It goes into the oval shaped head racquet at 28lbs. That’s the maximum recommended suggested tension on the packaging.

First thing, I notice is that this string is a fairly lifeless string despite the high tension.

Repulsion (elasticity) – this is rather poor. You can’t feel the shuttle the bouncing off the string very well and it feels very difficult to make full length clears or to get power on to the shuttle for a smash.

Sound – one gets a low pitched tone on striking the shuttle.

Netshots – the strings are smooth but do have some friction on them to produce some decent netshots.

Fore and mid court pushes – again, the repulsion is poor affecting my shotmaking. The string does need some time to get used to.

Durability – The feeling of the string is that it is very robust and will certainly last. The user can only make up their own mind whether this is an acceptable trade off for them given the rather dull feeling of the string. GOSEN’s own rating is to give this string 10 out of 10 for durability – for this, I would pretty much agree with.

I would imagine this string is more useful in situations where one would not want to string very often – namely a bunch of racquets stored for general use at school, or a coach who doesn’t want to restring his racquet often.