2012 Thomas / Uber Cup Preliminary Rounds (Oceania Zone)

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    2012 Thomas / Uber Cup Preliminary Rounds (Oceania Zone)

    Tournament Date: 18th-19th February 2012

    Venue: Ballarat Badminton Stadium, Victoria, Australia

    Results: http://www.tournamentsoftware.com/sport/matches.aspx?id=30B87539-99E7-4F71-8A33-8F1293E27D62

    As usual, it is either Australia or New Zealand who would qualify for the Thomas and Uber Cups from the Oceania Zone.

    In 3 hours' time, the match will commence between Australia and New Zealand for the Uber Cup Qualification Final.

    For the Thomas Cup Qualification Final, the match will commence at 5:00pm (local time in Victoria, Australia).

    Article from BWF: http://www.bwfbadminton.org/news_item.aspx?id=59068

    Australia and New Zealand to square off to decide qualifiers

    Saturday, February 18, 2012

    Australia and New Zealand crushed the opposition at the Oceania Thomas and Uber Cup qualifiers to set up an intriguing match-up on Sunday to decide who will qualify for the tournament proper in Wuhan, China, in May 20-27 (2012).

    In the Thomas Cup qualifiers, Australia and New Zealand each defeated Tahiti and New Caledonia 5-0 in their opening two matches, meaning their tie on Sunday will decide who will finish as Oceania champion.

    It was the same story in the Uber Cup qualifiers, with the two giants crushing New Caledonia 5-0 in the three-team competition.

    Victoria Na led the way for Australia, thrashing Johanna Kou 21-6, 21-9 in 20 minutes. The Aussies took only 91 minutes to complete the win, with the second doubles partnership of Leanne Choo-Renuga Veeran closing out the tie with a 21-7, 21-6 thrashing of Magali Bravo-Lorinda Sautes.

    The Kiwis needed eight minutes longer to polish off New Caledonia, but Michelle Chan Ky-Anna Rankin had the honour of recording the quickest win with a 21-4, 21-6 beating of Cecilia Moussy-Nadia Kasimun in just 15 minutes.

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