88s vs 88s pro?

Discussion in 'Racket Recommendation / Comparison' started by precrime3, Apr 27, 2021.

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    Am a user of the 88s - have been since they launched. So naturally, because I like new shiny things, the 88s pro's appeal to me.

    Any users of the new ones able to compare them to the old ones?

    Seems the biggest differences for the 88s pro is that it seems a lot more user friendly from what people that have reviewed it said - the new pattern actually helps with string patterns and a shorter shaft helps with faster swing speeds and for basically everything except clears or smashes in terms of rebound.
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    Hey there!

    I own the 88s/d and also 88s/d pro all at 3u.

    I would say that the 88spro is more a doubles oriented racket whereas the 88s can be played for both doubles and singles.

    The clear cut difference with the s and spro is that the pro series has better control over defensive counters and also better at drive games. The new stringing patterns really gave more 'holding' feel of the shuttle since the more spread out string space and string bed lets the shuttle to stay longer. Allowing you for tighter return angles, the spro gives me this feel that it absorbs a lot of the power from the shuttle so when i defend from hard sashes i can adjust my return better.
    The more spread out string bed pattern gives you less repulsion feel.

    What the S pro is great at sacrifices the attacking power compared to the S. I'd say the S is much better at attacking even when you are rotated to to the back to do some smashes. Its not that the spro is not great at smashing, but just less impressive compared to the S.
    Thats why i said the pro series is more a doubles oriented racket.
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    88s pro has longer grip than 88s. both of them are fast. 88s pro better at manuver and control. bigger sweet spot and more easy use. for smashes I think 88s have more power.
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