After the AE, can we still Boleh or not in the Swiss Open??

Discussion in 'German Open / All England / Swiss Open 2009' started by Pemuda, Mar 9, 2009.

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  1. Pemuda

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    May 10, 2007
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    My dear friend,

    With respect, I think the problem with Malaysia and Malaysians is that everything under the sun is considered 'sensitive'.

    We are discussing, debating about Malaysian badminton here. What is so 'sensitive' about that?? We are not talking about so and so being PM or so and so political parties or so and so rights/religious beliefs. At the rate we are going we might as well include badminton into our Official Secrets Act (OSA).

    We are discussing how non-performing shuttlers that have been in the national squad for ages are wasting our public funds etc. Is that a sensitive subject??

    If we as Malaysians are unable to sit down and discuss or even argue in a civil manner such things, I dread what we as a nation is turning into.
  2. jaydee

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    Mar 9, 2009
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    Mate, don't get me wrong...
    Its not you, your issues are not sensitive... I got nothing against what you've mentioned..
    (Its what I put up there earlier thats sensitive actually...:D)

    Basically what I'm trying to say is if I were you, I wont worry so much about small matters about sending underperforming shuttlers yet... because thats a small issue..

    We have bigger things to worry about in Malaysia, like where the money is going?!? Its a question for you and me Malaysians...
    We can use the money to help with all the above issues that you've mentioned below right?...

    "At present, many Malaysians are experiencing retrenchment, loss of income, unemployment and facing challenges when it comes to making ends meet. etc..

    We also have many young Malaysians unable to pursue their studies because they dont have the money or unable to get scholarships into local universities. Or talented Malaysians having no alternatives but to migrate to seek better opportunities. etc.."

    Where does the money goes instead of helping ppl above?
    It goes to (fill in with what you think)...

    Just an extra of my opinion to add here, not saying you're wrong.. ;)
    I'd rather use the money to send 'underperforming shuttlers' (lol!) instead letting it go to (fill in with what you think)...

    Sending our shuttlers out there to compete is equavalent to some of the monthly, weekly and daily incomes of corrupted dudes out there... etc etc.. and the list goes on...

    Well lets just not go further..... :cool:

    Coming back to badminton... My suggestion is; I think we should spend a little bit and open up to search for new talents in Malaysia... the fact that its pretty difficult to find shuttlers that has standards these days... I really hope more talents can be found... :)
  3. Oldhand

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    Nov 21, 2005
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    Broadcast Systems Integration

    eaglehelang is right.
    The thread's title has been satisfied.
    Please take these new topics elsewhere :)

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