All England SF 2012 Review

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    Much more exciting day than friday, which apart from a few interesting games was a bit flat.


    LCW Vs LHI was really quite interesting, LCW was frustrated by LHI defense. I think LHI can beat LCW, but he needs to play a perfect game in his counter attacks and improv stamina if it goes to three games. LHI will be one to look out for in the OG Draw. LHI didn't quite make it 100% on his counters and those are the points he needed to win. I just like LHI's Jealous!

    LD Vs Tago was a pretty straightforward victory, LD was calm, focussed and never seemed under any real pressure to me.


    Arghhh! Why does WYH mke it so difficult for herself? she controlled the first game, then let a lead slip and lost the first game, she was in control in the second, but still put hersefl under pressure near the end. The final game was similar to the 2nd. So basically she was in control for much of the game, but still managed to drag it to 80+ mins, after a match lasting over an hour the previous day. The match was played very very fast. WSX is clearly the no2 WS player, WYH 1. A great match....

    In the other match Li Xuerui was under pressure all throughout the 1st & Second games and I thought she was struggling at one point, but TYT was just a little short on fitness, she has a very good attack though and is quite mobile. LXR is very mobile and agile too I quite like her game.


    I wasn't convinced with Cai/Fu in their QF match, but they were pretty convincing against the JP pair. LYD/JJS were very sharp and extinguished the Dames pretty comfortably, they were never in it


    Tian Qing/Zhao Yunlei vs Ha/Kim was very both games the CHN pair struggled. We might have a pair who can challenge the top CHN pairs soon, the KOR pair are strong, powerful, quick with good defence. It could have quite easily gone the othere way on another day. Good match.


    Chen Xu/Ma Jin were very flat, the Danes were very quick off the mark and never let them into the game. Juhl at the net in particular was sharp and took control.

    In the other game Ahmad/Natsir were in control for most of the game, it was played at full effort by the MAS pair, they really played well, but the INA pair were just more incisiv at key points.

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