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    Hello Everyone,
    Please read below so you will get to know about APAC Court Scheduling System. We recommend you sign up in the Court Waiting System so your court will not be taken over when the facility is crowded.


    What you do:

    -schedule a waiting group
    -join a waiting/playing group
    -withdraw yourself using your APAC member ID as password (you can ask frontdesk if you forgot your member ID)

    What system does:

    -extend your court time by 2 minutes up to one hour, when no one is waiting
    -help you choose the first and second earliest available courts
    -re-schedule the waiting groups when reservation is made
    -display club greeting, notice, and announcement

    Please sign-up in the Computer Court Waiting System to play on the court. If your name is not on the Court Waiting System, you may not be able to play.

    Another group may take over the Court if your name is not on the Waiting System.

    Once you sign in, you and/or your group may have 20 minutes to play on the Court. Then the next group in the Waiting System takes the Court. If you wish to continue to play, you need to sign up on the next avaiable court in the Waiting System.

    Thank you,

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