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    As harsh weather finally went away, there is no better way to celebrate California's great weather in this sports season than coming to APAC to play badminton and hang out with your friends. Better yet, APAC is doing a 2-week promotion to welcome bayarea badminton players.

    This promotion is centered around APAC's 10-time, monthly, half-year, and annul passes. And you can enjoy even deeper discounts when leveraging other APAC's discount programs, such as large- or small-group discounts and etc. This offer only applies to new and advance purchases; previous purchases are not eligible for price adjustment. The promotion will start at 4:30pm on April 18, 2008 and end at 11pm on May 4, 2008.

    Sports Season Promotion Sales:
    10-time Pass (A) $49 (13% off)
    10-time Pass (B) $54 (10% off)
    Monthly Pass $45 (10% off)
    6-Month Pass$208 (20% off)
    12-Month Pass $368 (20% off)

    In addition, APAC carries a large selection of premium Victor and RSL shuttlecocks at very competitve prices.

    Moreover, we are aware that many companies can reimburse its employees for sports club fees. If it applies to you, APAC will be able to provide you customized receipt to smoothen your reimbursement process.

    Let Sports Enligthen Your Life at APAC!

    APAC Badminton Club

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