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Discussion in 'USA East' started by dimcorner, Mar 27, 2013.

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    I will be in Arlington, VA to visit relatives and might look for some badminton play. Are there any places to play? I saw Gunston and Thomas Jefferson Community Centers. Are they both good or is one a higher level? I'll be there from April 6 to 9th.

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    Welcome to the DC region! Gunston is only open for badminton on Friday from 6-9 pm. It's an indoor basketball court and tape is used for lines which has come out at a lot of places. Friendly people but as far as skill level goes- it's a mixed bag, you have a lot of beginners, some intermediate and the occasional advanced players that show up. The best part is that the club is free and you only have to show up with your racquet and shuttlecock. Thomas Jefferson does not have regularly scheduled badminton time and I haven't heard of people playing there even if it's mentioned on their website.

    I would also recommend looking at Alexandria to play. Holmes Middle School has a lot of intermediate and some advanced players during their Tuesday and Friday evening sessions. Check out for other places to play too. I would have tried to connect with you but I'm traveling out of state during that time with the family and I wish I was allowed to take my badminton racquet :)

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