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    This report is in Chinese. Wondering who has got the time and ability to translate to English.

    Too bad, my English is not strong... the article might turn from white to black if i try to translate :D

    I think this is an interesting report about Zhang Ning. I do not know she is married until i read this report.
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    yes. there are quite a few good articles over there at the moment. i had translated a couple of them last week. it took me around 30-45mins each. unfortunately, late work has been crazy busy and i cannot spare the time. if anybody else would like to volunteer, that will be excellent.
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    A Quick Translation...

    ... Not guaranteed to be faithful to the original article!

    Great Year for Women Singles Champion Zhang Ning --- Next Goal: An Olympic
    Gold in Women Singles

    Nanfang Dushi Bao, Nov 10, reported by Han Shuangming

    Widely regarded as a late-bloomer, Zhang Ning has amazing staying power in
    the world badminton scene. Enlisted into the Chinese national team in 1991,
    Zhang Ning remained largely unnoticed for 12 years before winning her first
    World Championship title, and thereon moving into the peak of her badminton

    In her 12 years of playing at the top level in badminton, her greatest regret
    was to lose as 3rd singles to Mia Audina Tijptawan during the Uber Cup Finals
    held in Indonesia in 1994. That loss costs China the Uber Cup. Even though
    a team loss cannot be entirely an individual's fault, Zhang Ning had to
    endure the humiliation for losing that crucial match.

    Many adversaries stood in her way throughout her 12 year career. First
    there was Susi Susanto, and then Mia Audian Tijptawan, and following them
    were Ye Zhaoying, Gong Zhichao. In the later part of her career, the rise
    of players like Camilla Martin and Gong Ruina denied Zhang Ning dominion
    over the world badminton scene. In her long struggle, there were times
    where she felt dejected and listless, and the thought of quiting the team
    crossed her mind on several occasions.

    But finally, her time has come. After winning the World Championships,
    an unstoppable Zhang Ning went on to capture the titles of the Swiss Open,
    Singapore Open and the Hong Kong Open.

    To win the World Championship for the first time at age 28, Zhang Ning's
    success must surely the epitome of the Chinese idiom, "Heaven rewards
    the diligent".

    At the eve of the China Open in Guangdong, the reporter took the opportunity
    to set up an interview with the "elderly" badminton World Champion.

    Grief --- The Uber Cup Loss

    Zhang Ning will forever remember the anguish she felt in the 1994 Uber Cup
    Finals. Playing the closing match for their respective countries were Zhang
    Ning and Mia Audina Tijptawan. This 3rd singles match was to decide who
    gets to hold on to the coveted trophy. Playing in the Chinese Uber Cup team
    for the very first time, a young Zhang Ning lost the match under enormous
    pressure. While she is not solely to blame for the team loss, losing this
    crucial match had been a great blow to her. All these years, this loss has
    been on her mind, and she vowed to beat Mia Audina Tijptawan the next time
    they meet in the Uber Cup, and avenge her 1994 defeat to the latter. "The
    Uber Cup will be held in Indonesia again next year. If I get to play against
    Mia Audina Tijptawan, I want to win against her, whichever country she may
    be representing, and however sharp her form. It has been 10 years since we
    last met in the Uber Cup, I won't be at peace with myself if I don't beat
    her this time," said Zhang Ning.

    Joy --- The World Championship Win

    In Aug 2003, Zhang Ning finally captured the World Championship title,
    after winning her last opponent, teammate Gong Ruina, in straight sets. She
    had waited 12 years for this glorious day.

    It has been a long wait for this title of World Champion, considering that
    this is her 5th time since 1995 that she has played at this meet. This
    time round, being the only Chinese player in the upper half of the draw,
    Zhang Ning breezed past Denmark's Camilla Martin, went on to score against
    her archrival Mia Audian Tijptawan, before meeting teammate Gong Ruina in
    the finals. Thinking back on her trail to glory, Zhang Ning become very
    emotional, "I am most satisfied with my win over Camilla Martin. We have
    crossed swords many times, and in our most recent encounter, she beat me
    at the Japan Open. But I played well that day, and even managed to send
    her packing in the second set with a score line of 11-0!" After 12 years
    of hard work and dedication in the game, it surely must be expected of
    her to win the title.
    Trial --- A Marriage on Paper

    Zhang Ning and Yu Yang applied to get married two years ago. But since then,
    she has not been able to spend much time with her husband Yu Yang. Even
    such mundane things like cooking and eating together had been beyond their
    busy schedules.
    Yu Yang is currently a coach of the Chinese second national team, while Zhang
    Ning is a member of the Chinese first national team. Because of the separate
    trainings and competitions, they hardly meet each other at work. Even when
    they do train together, they had to maintain their professional conduct.
    "I have never thought that I would get special privileges because my husband
    is a coach with the national team. I return on time to the team hostel
    every night, and never cross the line," beamed Zhang Ning when asked by the
    reporter. "Compared to before we are married, the only difference is an
    extra piece of paper (the marriage certificate). We don't have a home of our
    own, and each stay in hostel unit. Even for meals, we would both bring our
    plates to the hostel cafeteria. If there is really something different,
    that must be that I am now more aware of what my coach is going through.
    Think about it, we hardly have time for each other even when we train together,
    how much harder must it be for our coaches, whose wives and families are
    elsewhere in China."

    Happiness -- Buying an apartment for Mom and Dad

    Zhang Ning is a filial daughter, and had long wished to buy an apartment for
    mom and dad.

    Ever since being enlisted into the Chinese national team in 1991, Zhang Ning
    had been busy with her training, and have had very little opportunity to
    spend time with her parents. Her parents had always stayed in an old
    apartment with a living room and two tiny bedrooms, and Zhang Ning always
    wanted to buy her parents a more comfortable apartment. However, money
    don't come easy playing badminton, even as a pro, so buying an apartment is
    not exactly an easy decision to make. This year, after winning title after
    title in premier tournaments, and most importantly, the World Championships,
    Zhang Ning finally saved up enough money for the apartment. "A few days
    back, I called my father, and asked them to pick an apartment that they
    like," a joyoys Zhang Ning said to the reporter. "If I have two months'
    break, I would definitely bring my parents around on a tour. As a daughter,
    there has been so little chance to them that I care for them."

    A Dialogue From the Heart

    The reporter has not had an appointment with Zhang Ning before staging the
    interview. He (she?) found out from the coaches when the team would take
    a break, and came straight to the hotel room where Zhang Ning is staying.
    After ringing the door bell, a sleepy Zhang Ning answered the door. "I was
    sleeping. We have to train this evening." But she gladly agreed to the
    interview, after the reporter explained himself, asking only for a few
    minutes to get changed. The reporter felt that she looked refreshed enough
    to go play a tournament that very moment. The reporter first impression of
    Zhang Ning was that she doesn't minced her words (how would one translate
    "zhi shuai"?), and the entire interview felt more like a chat between two
    old friends, even though the reporter was meeting Zhang Ning for the first

    Back to School at Age 28
    Aiming towards the Olympics

    R = reporter, ZN = Zhang NingR: You won many titles this year after taking the World Championship. Were
    you surprised by your sudden success?

    ZN: I won't say it's a sudden success. I have been working hard for so
    many years, and it's about time that I see the fruits of my labor.

    R: Getting on in age, are you worried that you would not be able to
    duplicate your current success later on?

    ZN: I don't think so. First of all, I feel young psychologically. It has
    never crossed my mind that I won't be able to keep up with the pace of
    the game. Secondly, my body is in excellent condition, with no ailment or
    injuries to worry about. At the very least, there shouldn't be a problem
    for me to play at the highest year till the Olympics next year.

    R: Are you satisfied with your results so far?

    ZN: Yes, especially these two years.

    R: What is your next goal?

    ZN: The Olympics. I want to win the gold medal in Athens next year.

    R: After you realized this goal, would you choose to quit the national team?

    ZN: I have not thought of this question. I guess it would depend on my form

    R: Having been in the national team for 12 years, and seeing so many of your
    teammates quitting, why did you choose to stay on?

    ZN: I must thank Li Yongbo, the chief coach of the Chinese national team,
    and all those coaches who have helped and cared for me, for this. A long
    time back I have thought of quiting, but I gave that thought up every time,
    because Li Yongbo would tell me: "You have good physique, and has been
    consistent in your training. We are sure you will make it."

    R: Do you regret that such a large part of your youth has been dedicated to

    ZN: As a sportswoman, no. But as a person, I have many regrets, the chief
    of them being not having the chance to learn about our culture and to be
    more knowledgeable. Ever since I moved on from the sports school to the
    national team, I have not been to school. 12 years ago, as a teenager
    whose mind is ready to absorb new things, sigh...

    R: Have you ever thought of making up for this loss?

    ZN: Certainly! I plan to get in touch with some schools early next year.
    Right now there are simply too many tournaments, I won't have time for
    lessons. I am planning to do two years of serious study after I quit from
    the national team.

    R: Aren't you going to be a coach after quitting the national team?

    ZN: Do you think I am qualified? Having been a player for more than 10 years,
    I would think that I have enough experience to be one. But I am worried
    that I am not knowledegeable in areas outside of badminton, so I want to
    take two years off to study, and then come back as a coach. My ultimate
    goal is still to become a coach.

    R: An athelete like yourself surely faces many trials. I am sure it is
    difficult to decide whether to quit after the Olympics, and thereafter to
    go back to school, or have a kid first. Is that right?

    ZN: I agree absolutely. I am 28 this year, and after the Olympics I would
    be 30. If I am to go back to school for two more years, then a baby
    would have to come 5 years down the road. Fortunately, my husband, his
    parents, and my parents have been very supportive of my decisions.


    Name: Zhang Ning

    ***: Female

    Birth Date: May 19, 1975

    Birth Place: Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province

    Height: 175 cm

    Weight: 65 kg
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    cheongsa, thanks for the translation.
    I enjoy reading the article.
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    Really nice article.. it will inspire many to work hard and be persistent in what they do. Don't give up.
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    In contrast, how many work hard but do not make it? (sorry to be a pessimist:()
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    Its alright Cheung. I do agree that many work hard and didn't make the cut. It doesn't mean that they are not working hard enough. Each person have their own sacrifices.
    Sometimes it needs talent and also good timing plus God's blessing to turn u into a world champion. Well for those who misses it? I'm sure their time will come. And if its too late...i'm sure they will surely achieve their success in their future endeavor. Its all about attitude , how they see things. I'm sure those who have good attitude will be sucessfull. IMO
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    Superwoman "Zhang Ning"

    What a beautiful translation Cheongsa. Many Thanks!

    I have the rare opportunity of watching at close quarters how ZN play in this year's Singapore Open finals. She completely demolished title-holder, Zhou Mi, 11-0, 11-8!
    Her strength and tough mental attitude in court has no equal. She deserves to win next year's Olympic gold in Athens with such commitment and resolve!

    Your description of her life, trials. tribulations, filial piety, discipline and ambition has made it even more deserving that she should be crowned the Olympic Champion!

    I hope she will not be crippled by injuries.

    Bravo, Superwoman Zhang Ning! May you achieve your dream goal!
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    Surely Zhang Ning is taller than 175cm?

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