Astrox 88D 3u or 4u?

Discussion in 'Badminton Rackets / Equipment' started by TeckzeN, Jun 17, 2021.

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    I have the 38D (which I am fine with atm but getting bored with.), 68s which wasn't my favourite- More to the backcourt and aggressive player. And at first was deciding between 77, 88d, 99 or 100zz but excluded 77 and the Mjolnir(99) and read abt the 100zz being not the best for people who use the 88d. I have tested the 88d and atm my 38D is 4u. My smashes are above average only want more power. So how does the 3u over/under perform the 4u 88D?
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    A heavier racquet will make your smashes heavier, if you are the same person and use the exact same technique/timing but other parts of your game might suffer. Heavier racquets are less manoeuvrable, so recovering from full smashes, outstretched flat drives will be slower.

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    being a 3U hammer racket user for long time i can say, heavier racket excel at power due to the great swing force it create but:

    As its heavy, it need more player strength to get the initial swing. Also again as its heavier you cant play lazy. Put your racket down & you will struggle lifting your racket resulting late action.
    As i mention heavier racket create great swing force, but its a double edge sword. Its not easy to manouver your racket for 2nd, 3rd, .... Shot as the racket will still pushing after each shot. Ofcourse changing grip position closer to the cone would help but its not easy when you are not used with changing grip often, your accuracy will suffer.

    Last, its not always 3U had more power than 4U. If you count the racket only, its true but if you add player parameter, it vary alot. For someone like me who excel at strength but not on speed, 3U suit me better. But for someone with less strength but had faster/explosive swing, 4U would benefit them better. Afterall power come from weight + speed. If you lose weight but add speed then you had the same power right... So in conclusion, you need to find your golden point between weight & BP, which give you the highest score.
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