Back pain for over 1 year, please hear me out

Discussion in 'Injuries' started by Tintin Hu, Jan 11, 2021.

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    I found this forum a while ago but only joined recently. I feel like my injury is a unique one. I have played badminton for about 3 and a half year now and during summer last year I injured myself in a singles match. I did a china jump to my backhand side and felt a burning pain in my right lower back. The burning pain worsened and persisted after the rally ended and I kept playing the match and lost badly. When I went home, I told my mom about it and she said it was not a major issue and told me to get some rest. However, the day after, the pain worsened and I told my mom about it, and she and my father both thought it would fade over a couple of days(spoiler: it didn't). After about almost a week, we went to my family physician, who just gave me some skin-applied Voltaren and told me to stay active, assuring me it would go away quickly. I used the Voltaren but the pain persisted but did fade to just an annoying sensation.
    The pain fell to the back of my head and I had pain, just not apparent, and I went back to my daily schedule. 6 month after the pain, I got a gaming laptop, and it was the start of summer, put two to two together, I sat about on average 5 hours non-stop gaming. (Now that I thought of it) I sat at a very awkward angle while gaming and my posture was awful. 2 months passed and summer was over. I realized my back pain has severely worsened and has spread to the left side of my lower back as well. I went again to the doctors, this time a specialist, who gave me a couple of stretches and still told me it was no big deal. I did my stretches, even went to a sorta physio/massage place, and it barely helped, the pain persisted and was pretty bad. I can barely sit for 1 hour without feeling substantial uncomfortableness in my lower back and the stretch did next to nothing to ease the pain.
    I realized I messed up severely in ignoring the pain. I searched up some stretches and yoga moves for lower back pain and some helped, some didn't, some worsened. Recently starting about 2 months ago, I started standing regularly and only sit for when I need to eat or write a hard copy paper. I study, play, read, etc all while standing. I noticed this period, there are a series of clicks in my lower back sometimes when I lean back and it was would allow me more movement of leaning backwards. My back is also significantly stiffer first thing in the morning and gets better throughout the day through my standing, walking, and stretching. I went to the doctor yet again about 5 days ago and I got a serious diagnosis(FINALLY), and through the x rays they suspect I have spondylolysis or spondylolisthesis, and I would be getting a CT scan predictably 2 weeks later to confirm the problem. They suggested professional physiotherapy and still treated this as no big deal. I have been doing some spondylolysis exercises from online but still haven't gone to a physiotherapist because I haven't got a CT scan and the whole COVID issue. The exercises seem to help but I'm still not entirely optimistic. My lower back pain is suspected to be spondylolysis or spondylolisthesis, anyone can give me some reassurance on the issue? I'm only 16 and don't want this issue for the rest of my life as I can barely sit for 40 minutes. Thank you!
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    Wait for the result of the CT scan first to provide you with more information.

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