Badminton Clubs in Canberra

Discussion in 'Australia / New Zealand' started by Shifty, Sep 24, 2012.

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    Hello everyone, I'm not sure if I should be bumping an old thread (relevant ones are over a year old) or making a new one. I'm interested in places to play in Canberra over the coming summer (Nov 2012-Jan 2013). I've found this thread and the website linked, which is a good starting point but I'm more curious if anyone has been in Canberra and played recently?

    I'll be staying at ANU over the summer. I know there's a Uni club there and I'll probably give that a go. I'm looking for a place which is fairly close to that with some decent and friendly players. I play around B grade in Auckland, NZ (not too good but I can look after myself). I am looking to play a fair bit (and if anyone wants to do some training that'd be even better).

    I'm really excited about having the chance to visit Australia, despite having lived across the ditch for so many years and it'd be awesome to continue my addiction there.

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    Likewise, I'm interested here as well. I regularly visit Canberra for work and it would be good to have an occasional hit out after work to relieve some stress, lol. Please let me know if there are any casual clubs. Not sure what grade but if I had to choose it would be C/D grade.

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