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    This picture from another post caught my eye

    The shuttle is right on the strings. With the eye of faith, the strings look like they are stretching under the shuttle base.

    16 FPS mechanical shutter rarely gets the shuttle right in the strings. I guess this picture must be a electronic shutter of at least 30 FPS.

    I read some feature on one electronic camera that even before the shutter is pressed, it has recorded images just before you press the shutter. The camera must sense being lifted into position and already autofocussing and processing data before the shutter is pressed. Most of that data must be automatically discarded and not written to the card. That’s a really fantastic feature.

    Another feature that’s really interesting is eye detection with the AF following the eyes of the subject and also detecting what you’re looking at. My eye has some astigmatism so I wonder how the camera would cope with using my eye.

    Just to say, these high end cameras cost a huge amount of money and you would need to invest in a new computer to handle all those images.

    It is possible for you to select a few photos in a sequence within camera and delete the others which aren’t useful. That would speed up the download process considerably.

    Personally, I like to have a slight blur of the shuttle to give some perception of movement.

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