Badminton Shoes Asics ? Li Ning ? Yonex? Victor?

Discussion in 'Clothing & Footwear' started by Nebic, Oct 14, 2014.

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    Hi Every Badminton Fanatic,
    How all are you Doing?
    This is My First Post and i need You Peoples all your wisdom Help me Buy A Badminton shoe..I Play at intermediate levels (Inter University) & have used Yonex Ultima SC5 pro in the Past. It lasted for around 10 months..4-5Days in a Week 2-3 hrs regular practise..
    I'm Looking for Good Cushioning, Light weight, Durable, Stable and Comfortable Shoe..
    Although i Don't Mind to Compromise Some of the Parameters I Mentioned..But it should be Worth the Compromise..Just Like Any Badminton Player Would Need, i Too expect A Good Traction (Gripping) on Court (needless to mention i play on Wooden courts!), i asked for light weight and the Reason being Fast agile Movement on court, but maybe it won't matter much even if it is not lightest of shoes yet comfortable, good cushoning and Breathable will do..not all mid range shoes as i've seen had strong support at the ankles..which is Required to Avoid Injuries..With All Due Respect to is just my Observation..and reasonably they can't include all their technologies in every shoes..
    I Noticed that mostly only High End Shoes have tiny pores at the bottom of allow passage of air in-out of the Shoe..But As you must have Already Known By now that i'm Tight on Budget..So pls Kindly Share with me Your Genuine Personal Experiences of the shoes u have used, and Suggest me Proper Item Fulfilling My Needs.
    And Give Substantial Reason Why should i go for that Particular Shoes..(a curious child wanna know) lol..:p
    My Budget is Under 100$ US or 6000 Indian Rupees..or cheaper than that..
    I can Stretch to bit more Given that i get Fully Satisified by the Item...
    Impatiently Waiting for Your Quick Replies..
    Thanks for Reading!
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    on court no. 1
    There are two things you should know:

    1. First of all, every feet are different. Buying a pair of shoes is very personal and recommanding the supa dupa badminton shoe is useless, if it don't fit. Please visit a store and try them. It's the best way to find a usefull pair of shoes.

    2. People who can't spend enough money for a high end pair of shoes, must take the rest. The rest is not the best so you can't make demands.

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