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    What do people think?
    • Conventional (Features a traditional oval shaped frame top section providing a compact hitting area for superior control, touch and feel. The smaller head geometry also delivers increased swing speed versus isometric frames.)
    • Isometric (By increasing main string length, the sweet spot area is maximised generating more power and ensuring a higher percentage of shots are hit with perfect timing)
    • Optimetric (By combining the larger sweet spot size (resulting from an isometric geometry) and the increased air speed and control (created by the smaller conventional head geometry) within the same head shape, the new Optimetric head geometry delivers both power, airspeed and control in one frame)
    I see a majority of the new Carlton rackets have the Optimetric head shape which sounds ideal - seeing how much of a drama I have had trying to contact Carlton I am tempted in future to get something else. I cannot seem to see another type of racket with this technology - however it may just be exclusively a Carlton thing?
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    I believe the Optometric's are only a feature of the Vapour Trail series and now on the Razor's as well, with the Air Rage being the iso variant and the Air Blade the oval variant. The Yonex Z-Slash is also a tweener model and there are a few more around. Mizuno used to have a tweener but have dropped them from their lineup interestingly enough and it's not likely Yonex will follow up the Z-Slash with another tweener or else they would have done so already imo. Regular ISO seems they way forward still since there is more than one way to increase the swing speed than just changing the head geometry and they seem to have figured it out/ new technology/material enables them to realize it.
    Perhaps you could say tweener is a poor man's solution nowadays two+ years on?

    Maybe you can request a poll for this [​IMG]

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