Best shoe for grip?

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    Have tried out a couple pairs of Yonex shoes including SHB 46 and SC6 LD edition. However, after around 8-12 months, the grip starts to wear off. I start slipping around the floor.
    I play pretty regularly, 2-3 hrs/day, 4 days/week. I'm looking for shoes that maybe have longer grip life?
    A nearby badminton store has these options for these pricing. Let me know if these are good deals and if recommend.
    1. Yonex SBH 01 LTD LCW - $85
    2. Yonex SBH 65 R2 - $89
    3. Yonex Aerus 3 - $85
    4. Yonex Power Cushion Comfort Adv. 2 - $85
    5. Yonex SBH 02 LTD - $85
    6. Yonex SBH 87 LTD - $80
    7. Yonex SBH-PC - $55
    8. Victor SH-A310 $50
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    Hi Friend, I do not own any of those shoes mentioned above. But one of my friend owns yonex SHB 65R2, and he said that its's really comfortable and grippy. Sometimes we play on a slightly slippy wooden floor, and he never say anything bad about the shoes. As far as I know he already worn these shoes for over a year and still doing well.

    As side note, some people in my group own SHB PC03. But later they found out that these shoes were not quite durable. The leather skin around toes and side feet worn/ tear out after around 6-8 months.

    Hope this can help you mate.

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