[BWF] WR points, no quota limited and compulsion for SS Finals 2010 (in Chinese)

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    Translation by Google :

    BWF to prepare three sets of programs to "save" Super Cup Finals!

    Johor Bahru city stadium is currently being staged in Super Series Finals, the participating team was even smaller than in the same venue in June of this year at the Golden Grand Prix, part of the single Castel is miserable, leading to the fans lack of interest in both the inside and outside heat it up.

    This is not a phenomenon unique to this year, last year in the East maya asylum at the first session of the tournament, despite the advertised top prize in the history of the game, but meet the entry requirements of the players have to retire, Star bleak, the name of the Competition Finals, no general finals in reality.

    Two consecutive finals, "case of the cold," BWF gentlemen really stand it anymore, and will be held next March at the Birmingham board meetings held during the All England raised 3:00 reforms.

    BWF news from around the world revealed BWF prepared from the integral dividend, forced entry, such as abolition of solid play three programs started and we hope to be more consistent with their final tournament of the world's most expensive prize money worth, no longer tantamount to tasteless game.

    The first two finals with no points, so that many experienced a year of frequent master race, the would rather give up a huge bonus, and in the end of the year into the rest period to meet the new season, last year's winter training grounds of the Chinese team have to race back across the board This year in order to have confessed to the BWF, symbolic sent Bao Chunlai, Guo Zhendong and Xu Chen 3 people participating, the men all went to the main East Asian Games.

    BWF spokesman pointed out that the final set points in the total dividend appears to have is imperative to ensure that the Cup will be the players attention.

    "BWF is also studying the feasibility of a mandatory player competition to ensure that all qualifying for the player to attend the summit, but the BWF's premise does not take action or fine."

    "BWF also consider abolishing the present system of solid play, if China six women's singles year-end may be in the Super Cup standings go up into the top 8, all of the finals can be nominated and will not be replaced." The first two tournaments, with the a unit can only have up to two players short-listed with a single race.

    The spokesman also said that Malaysia became the first two-time host of the finals, after the next tournament will be held essentially ex situ, but more troublesome is the event period arrangements. "End of next year there are a total of Games and the Asian Games two large-scale multi-type games, then there is the last leg of Super Cup Hong Kong Open and Copenhagen Invitational, a very tight schedule, BWF may consider the following next year's finals moved to 2011 year, but has yet to determine the arrangement with the Malaysian Open in South Korea before or after. "

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