Chen Qingchen陈清晨/Jia Yifan贾一凡

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    Ah, so this is what contributed to the success of Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan winning the prestigious All England trophy, aka the mini-world championship in badminton circles. My translation of the relevant paragraph follows:

    The night before, Coach Pan Li specifically responded to Jia Yifan's stubborn streak in character when on court by issuing her a 'diplomatic note' saying," if you don't play well in the final, I forbid you to watch your idol's birthday bash" (If I'm not wrong, JYF's idol refers to a Korean movie star or superstar singer as she is known to be a huge K-wave fan, even learning Korean for the sake of it - Justin L).

    During G2, Coach Pan yelled:" I want a change (in tactics) !" Jia Yifan said half in jest:" The key to our victory lies in our making timely tactical changes, boldly. Moreover, I was afraid if I didn't do as told, coach Pan would not allow me to 'chase my idol' "

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