China's Greatest Ever Sudirman Cup Win!

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    Today's demolition of Japan was a display of China's pedigree, tradition, class, and rich history. With ruthless efficiency and attractive simplicity, Chen Yufei delivered the unexpected. With iron-will and lion-hearted determination, Shi Yuqi made the impossible possible.

    A performance to be remembered by generations to come, Shi Yuqi clinched Tokyo Olympics' ticket and China found their new leader.

    Earlier, Chen Yufei's performance was perseverance personified. She broke down Akane Yamaguchi mentally, a task not possible for mere mortals.

    She refused to let fatigue get better of her, she refused to let Akane roam in her head.

    She conquered the throne when the moment arrived, just like Li Junhui and Li Yuchen did earlier.

    Let us welcome the arrival of the old, most feared China. The roar of lion can be heard from Nanning.


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