Cycling vs Jogging for Badminton

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    May i share my experiences...

    Running and healthy diet (with IF) is my 1st priorities than play badminton at the begining, coz, im suffering on court when opposed with higher level especially (out of steam). And my 1st objective for this sport is to be more healthy and fun sports (not to become an athletes)

    But, i did it too much than play badminton. It cause me overtrain, and can't perform well on court instead.

    So, i change my training plan (after covid lockdown), i playing badminton more on court (2 or 3 times a week) quit running, balance diet (maintain BMI 22), and home workout for muscle from head to toe regime two times a week.

    Imo... badminton is already kind of cardio workout, so no need more (pro player is different case), and for recreational player like me, just need a bit to maintain muscles strength to avoid injuries and confident on court.

    And a little secret and tricky in badminton. Do not follow the fast PACE opponents playing rhythm (higher level than us), choose your team (if play double) and opponents level wisely, that would make you enjoy more badminton (and feel competitive ).

    Rather than pushing our limit, and train hard like an athlete. its more than enough for my ages to keep playing fun with level C and D only. (Level B is a coach level ... imo).

    everyone level & goals is different.
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    You need to develop both aerobic stamina as well as anaerobic fitness. From recent articles and studies I've seen, the energy needs for badminton can 60% aerobic or more. The rest is from 2 anaerobic systems. Many will mistakenly assume that badminton is primarily anaerobic.

    Cycling or running can both help to develop a good aerobic base for badminton. But this alone will not be enuff for your playing stamina. You needed something like interval training to develop your anaerobic systems. HIIT is a type of interval training that alternates cycles of high intensity and low intensity.

    You can actually do some interval training with your cycling. Try some moderate cycling speeds with some intermittent fast (cycling) sprints of 10 to 30 seconds.

    Another way to perform interval training is to alternate fast sprints (10-20 seconds or so) with 20-30 seconds of casual / easy walking.
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