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    Regarding my AVP that i bought coz of the hype & havent been able to find my feeling with it, i keep exploring it again & again. Then i realize when i play trick shot/deception shot, its much easier compare to my lovely T770.
    The reason is obvious, it carry less head weight & overall lighter plus aero frame makes its much more manouverable for swing, hold, snap back, & hit.
    For a while i play with lower level & exploring this trick shot, im able to do it fine if it just simple trick (ignoring the fact that i explore new technique agains lower level which is kinda slow pace). Simple trick i mean when im like going for smash but instead drop, or like im swinging slow like about to drop a clear but snapping back strong for a clear, or like im about to do net play but i flick instead.
    The problem is that when i add more height to the trick like change direction from left to right or via versa. For example when im about to push the shuttle straight on the left but then turn it to the right side. I feel like my accuracy is pretty bad on changing direction.

    Btw my style actually is back court player, a bombardier. Trickster is kinda new world to me that i try to explore with my AVP:D
    Is there some kinda of training to improve my accuracy or repeatitive is what i should do.
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    Glad your experimenting with deception, in my experience and I'm not coming from anything serious only like county maybe scrapping national level deception. It's best when every shot looks the same only at the last minute u change this just comes from feeding over and over again as u said repeating the stroke.

    At a lower level try to think less about the perfect deceptive shot, more about where u are placing the shot and how consistent you can make the shot, try to focus every stroke in your game looking the same from setting up for overheads to serve return.

    The benefit that you get with badminton is deception very rarely see it in other sports such as tennis. I had a session today playing alongside Chris and Gabby ( not with them just next too them :D) the main thing I noticed is they practice the same shots over so they not only look the same but can be consistent going over 95% of the time.

    Hope this helps to answer the question.

    IN SHORT: Lots of repetition feeding with a partner and in lower level games trying to aim for a decent shot rather than a perfect shot example when playing doubles picture the court like singles if you aim for singles court (sides out) if you hit it accurately then you get a good shot and even if you mess up you have more room it may even become a better shot :p

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