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    a bit off topic:
    ..dude, the reality is you have different time zones to deal with, one in Asia and one in Europe. So, no, realistically there is no better and fair suggestion unless one wants an unfair and unbalanced schedule (as you suggested earlier).
    What is "something that is too predictable"??..on the other hand, don't post something that is not realistic..
    Of course there is still live score from the morning, but do you really think the organizer in the M'sia Open wants to schedule LCW and all the top Asian players, even in earlier rounds before qtr finals, in the morning/afternoon matches and leave the evening session to simply show all the European players, for all the local KL folks? You'll have a bunch of MAS folks skipping work just to go and watch the matches in the morning/afternoon and probably an empty stadium at night.
    As for recording the matches, i'm sure there are others who'll record the matches in the European tourneys.
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