FS: Fleet Woven 1000 (Kingston/GTA)

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    Hi, I have a Fleet Woven 1000 for sale. It is fairly beat up but none of the chips shown are deep or cracks or anything like that. All cosmetic damage. Original grip has been replaced with a ribbed RKEP grip. Strung with a black knight string at 22lbs currently. Still has a lot of life in it but I never use it and would prefer to have some extra money :D Does not come with case.

    Fleet Woven 1000
    Black knight string 22lbs
    Original grip replaced with RKEP ribbed

    CAD $25

    Located mostly in Kingston but can ship, or you can wait for me to go back to Toronto (August). Let me know if you need any info.

    2013-06-28 11.44.41.jpg 2013-06-28 11.44.50.jpg 2013-06-28 11.45.04.jpg 2013-06-28 11.45.21.jpg 2013-06-28 11.45.39.jpg 2013-06-28 11.45.54.jpg 2013-06-28 11.46.04.jpg 2013-06-28 11.46.17.jpg
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