Free training by Olympians & U.S. champions? Book your spot at May 7 Open House!

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    Dear badminton enthusiasts:

    Hurry – space is running out for free clinics and sessions on May 7! Register now at

    Do you want to take your badminton game to the next level? Unsure which training program may fit your interests and skill level? Or are you an advanced player looking for a challenging high performance training environment?

    This is your chance to experience coaching style, technique fundamentals and learn tips to improve your game from Olympians and U.S. badminton champions!

    Royal Coach Speed Dating: 3:30 - 6 pm

    • One-of-a-kind opportunity to date one of our Royal Coaches! Well, at least for 20 minutes on the courts…

    • Our world-class Royal Coach staff includes:
    Bob Malaythong
    U.S. Men's Doubles #1 (with [FONT=&quot]Howard Bach
    ) & [FONT=&quot]2008 Beijing Olympics[/FONT][/FONT]

    Raju Rai
    7-time U.S. National Singles Champion & 2008 Beijing Olympics

    [FONT=&quot]James Young
    U.S. Junior National Champion[/FONT]

    Ramon Young
    Menlo-Atherton High School Coach

    Kota Morikawa
    [FONT=&quot]All Tokyo High School Championship[/FONT]

    Free Badminton Placement Evaluation

    Badminton Classes and Training Programs Showcase

    Receive information and consultation about all of our private, group training and Summer Camp programs: schedule, skill level, program design, coach to student ratio, rates, and specials.

    All levels – all players-all ages-all interests are welcome!

    More details at


    Royal Badminton Academy

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