FS: FS: Yonex Nanospeed 9000 Type X (UK only)

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    Hello all,
    I bought this racket about 2 years ago and then i got injured. I bought it from a Yonex Rep in Milton Keynes. and now about two years later, i have started playing badminton again. Now I just realised that for my style of play (mostly singles) a heavy head racket is more suitable for me...that's why i just bought the Yonex Z Force for myself.
    Anyway, i would like to sell this nanospeed racket. I have used it no more than 5 times, and got it restrung about 2 weeks ago (BG 68 Ti, 27 pound). condition 95% perfect...never crash with anyone else and no chips in it.
    I would to get about 90 pounds for it (any other offer welcome)....
    Thank you:)
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