Fu Hai Feng ( 傅海峰 ) / Hong Wei ( 洪炜 )

Discussion in 'China Professional Players' started by R20190, Oct 18, 2013.

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    Thought I'd start a new thread as there doesn't seem to be one for this pair.

    I have to say having watched this pair play last night I'm quite impressed. Their performance was quite convincing although they are still a bit rough around the edges they seemed to play pretty well together. Definitely more convincing than CY/CB.

    It's good to see FHF playing at the net and mid court knowing HW is more than capable attacking at the back. This will help FHF develop more in this area and become more of an all rounder. Equally with HW having such a good reach and coverage at the net coupled with the best smash in the history of the sport behind, I've no doubt there is enough to worry the best MD pairings.

    There are some areas that I think opponents will try and exploit though, HW being as tall as he is, has always struggled to sustain a defence against attacks to his upper body, particularly if the smashes are driven accurately at his racquet elbow/shoulder. FHF on the other hand has a relatively good defence but does seem to play some "kamakazi" shots every now and again - which surprisingly he pulls off quite well!

    Will be interesting to see how well this pair does against fast flat players such as Ahsan/Setiawan.
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    Just watched their match against Mo/Boe

    I can't say I expected a result any different, I knew that Boe's net play was beyond that of either of the Chinese players. That and Fu HF and Hong Wei need more time to find a way around that particular weakness in that there really is no defined net man in the pairing because both are such huge smashers, though FHF seems to be at the net more often.

    That being said their fast/flat exchanges were not bad, but they couldn't execute quite as well as Mo/Boe could seeing as they have much more experience together as a pair. The Chinese got demolished in the first game, though the second game they made much better adjustments but got edged out in the end.

    To sum it up, not a bad first start, but the partnership isn't quite ready to perform against the top pairs like Ahsan/Setiawan or Bo/Moe yet.
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    They might luck out against bomo once in a while, but unless fhf is stronger at the net at the cream of the litter, this pair would have no answer for Lee/Yoo or ahsan/Setiawan.

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