FS: FZ Forza Light 9 4U Even Balance Mint condition Aerobite

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    1. FZ Forza Light 9 £70 (willing to negotiate)
    In mint condition, no damage anywhere on the racket. Strung in Yonex Aerobite Hybrid at 28lbs at time of purchase (08/08/18). Playtime is less than 10 hours. Original grip or I can apply a new towelling grip. Never came with a thermo bag but if you need one I can supply one, but it will be for a different racket (but will still fit). Purchased from a reputable dealer invoice available.

    Manufacturer Description:

    · Power Racket

    · 88 SPS

    · Very Stiff Shaft

    · Medium Balance

    The Forza Light 9 Badminton Racket is for the player looking for extreme speed and manoeuvrability combined with high accuracy and control. With a thin frame, a thin shaft combined with the weight this racket offers unparalleled speed. The very stiff shaft makes sure the shuttle goes where you want, while the 88 hole string pattern system gives superior control and feel.

    88 SPS (String Pattern System) - Forza's revolutionary SPS is a part of their new top-of-the-range models. The SPS is favoured by many top players and those looking for a high tension fee. The SPS provides a unique shuttle contact, and tests show a striking force up to 18% more powerful even when missing the Sweet Spot. The secret to its success is the fact that you get more string/power behind each contact with the shuttle, increasing the effect you have on where you want to put it next. The SPS improves string durability noticeably. As it feels like adding 5-6lbs to your string tension, you put much less on the strings thereby prolonging their lifespan. Besides extra power and improved shuttle contact, a Forza SPS racket will also save players time and money on having their racket restrung more often.

    Carbon Nano Tubes - (CNT) As Forza continue to improve their rackets and strive towards creating the best racket in the world, they continually research and develop new materials and ideas to take their rackets to the next level. Carbon Nano Tubes is based on extraordinary small scale advancements in the material construction. Thanks to the cooperations with a Danish university, Forza has been able to introduce world-class rackets manufactured using polymer composite materials modified by Multi-Wall Carbon Nano Tubes. Thanks to this technology your Forza racket has improved durability in comparison with conventional rackets. The polymer resin that binds the carbon fibres together will ensure toughness and damage tolerance.

    Ultra High Modulus Graphite - This material is used to enhance the performance in Forza's very best rackets. The ultra high modulus graphite is stronger and stiffer than ordinary graphite, creating rackets that have less torsion and more power. This will give you more accurate and powerful strokes.

    Made in Taiwan


    · Weight (grams): 82g

    · Balance: Head Light

    · Flex: Very Stiff

    · Construction: 40T- CNt U-HM /40T CNT U-HM
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    the racket is sold?

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