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Discussion in 'Grip' started by Morris Tuazon, Jul 11, 2021.

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    Hello everyone,

    A friend of mine that plays really good badminton told me that putting the black strip tape (the one with yonex logo) after putting on new grips are only done by beginner/novice players. Is that true? Who still puts on the strip after replacing their grips because I do and I’m a decent recreational player. Thanks!


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    Beginner or not are measured from your skill playing. How you grip your racket is really personal taste, tho sometimes they just did something look stupid but as long as it works, who care.

    1. Did you remember some pro grip their racket up to half of the shaft.... Stupid but hell.... Even with that stupidity, pretty sure those pro can easily beat me with 1 eye closed.
    2. Friend of mine play racket with cute bunny drawing on the string. We all tease him coz of that, a man with little bunny:rolleyes:. But he likes what her little daughter drawing. Nothing can beat the power of Love;).

    So skill what matter as long it works for you & you good at it then why should you care. Unless you are bad & you just did something stupid, thats when you should care as it basically double your shame:p.
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    Your friend can play good badminton but his EQ is shallow. If someone like Ahsan uses black tape, tell your pleb friend, show him this post, he should now hurry to put on the black tape so he can smash like Ahsan.

    How you grip your racket vs the pros is down to only two things:
    1. Preference, and 2. Convenience.

    I can only reason that most pros don't do the black tape thing is due to just convenience of ripping the used old one off after a long session, and easy to set up the grip to the handle with the next. I myself used to do the correct manufacturer way and found it more troublesome, instead doing it the other way round gets me the double sided tape as the ending which is more CONVENIENT. That's all. Hence, I PREFER without black tape.

    Ahsan, one of the best smashers the world has ever seen, used the black tape back when he was with Yonex. Now he doesn't, presumably since he doesn't and can't show off competing brands' logos.


    After Rio with Li Ning:

    Now, because Mizuno doesn't make overgrips and they are still using AC102, but of course, why would you show:

    He now carries this habit into 2021 with Victor. But hey, he DID use black tape before.
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