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    Hi all
    I'm Prasad from Tamil Nadu, India. Happy to find a forum on Badminton and really thrilled to be a part of this forum.
    I'm part of small group of people playing here in wooden court. We have around 4 courts here. I've not got any formal training but managed to spend time in court for about two years in 2007 & 08 and then recently revived my game here 10 months back now in 2016-17. We use Yonex Mavis 350 and my racquet is a humble Yonex Carbonex 8000 plus 3U. Every morning I play for about one and a half hours of mostly doubles and 1 or 2 singles.
    Came across two injuries recently:
    1. Patella Tendonitis in left knee in Aug 16. I had to discontinue play for about a month. As per advice of a doctor now wear a knee wear and continue to play.
    2. Palm swelling for using wrong grip over my racquet. I had to rest for two weeks for the swell to completely go off.
    Thanks to this forum on understanding injuries and ways for proper warm up before game.

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