Inner Thigh / Hamstring Pull(?) Anyone have a similar experience?

Discussion in 'Injuries' started by Avren, Jul 27, 2020.

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    Hey guys, I am kind of hoping someone else has experienced something similar and can share their experience with this, it's a little bit of a long story but here goes:

    About a month and a half ago, I started playing badminton after Covid settled down here in China (In China for studying right now), and I played several days in a row, several hours at a time, no pain or anything worriesome, but after the third day in a row, I noticed my inner thigh (or hamstring? not sure exactly what muscle it is) feeling like it was pretty tired, sore-ish, twitchy for a few days. I decided to rest until my muscle didn't have this odd feeling, which took about until three days later that it felt pretty normal again. Again up until this point there was no obvious injury or anything (which makes me think now maybe it was overuse injury or something) so I went out to hit again. Did a little warmup court-side, went on court to do a few shadow footwork motions before we start, and I just did a really light lunge (like really light) and that area of my inner thigh or hamstring or whatever started feeling like it was going to spasm. Tried two more semi-lunges, same deal so I called it off right there. No real pain, just my body telling me if you do this motion I'll probably spasm or cramp.

    So when I went to Dr. Google, every way shape and form of what I try to describe always says there's an obvious popping or immediate sudden pain before a pulled muscle, so I don't have any of that. I rested for two weeks before even attempting to try lunges at home. Tried a few lunges (very softly) and no pain or spasm sensation, so I went out to hit again. This time (and up until now going out to play) I have basically avoided any kind of big lunge, giving up on tons of shots which I would normally be able to get no problem (which is insanely frustrating, especially since I look slow now, and before speed was one of my strong points). I thought things were getting better so I started lunging a little more (I'm still talking nowhere near my old range, like maybe going for 30% lunge to 50% of my maximum) and was feeling optimistic, maybe it is improving, afterall its been a month and a half since then now. However now what is really weird is sometimes a day or two after I hit going lightly, that spot on my inner thigh or whatever is hurting a little bit (or feeling like it's going to cramp? It's really frustrating I can't even really describe the sensation and can't decide if the pain is more on the side of just pain or crampy pain, and on a pain scale maybe 3-4/10 and a lot to do with it just being sudden out of nowhere), I'll just be sitting, which is actually what sparked me to write this, is I was just sitting here the last few hours, already been over 30 hours since I played last, and suddenly the spot starting hurting.

    Sorry for the bit of an essay, its nice to just let it out too, it's extremely frustrating, and I assume its caused by not doing anything for many months and then trying to play as if I never stopped from Covid. The weird part is that it doesn't seem to be going away, and there is no obvious time when pain happens, like when I play no pain, when I do my test lunges at home before going to play, no pain, but then after I play (or who knows, I'm a little scared to try full 90-100% lunges) hurts a bit, enough to make me think its not healed (but maybe it is, maybe this is mostly in my head besides the weird crampy pain?).

    I'm going to try to attach a picture where I point at the spot, see if anyone else knows that area :) I'll also attach a video of a practice match a few years ago just for a reference point I guess (I am closer to the camera in all black)?

    Thanks all for reading and appreciate any comments or advice or ancidotes!

    Me trying to point at the muscle area (if that helps lol):

    Reference Video:
    (I am the closer to camera in all black)
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    You pulled a muscle. Its gonna take a while. Keep stretching, gently but often. Warm up well before and after exercise.
    Over-using or under-using (eg sitting for a long time) will aggravate it.
    If you want to speed up the healing, seek out some sort of therapist (massage/ physio/ chiro). They will help the muscle heal the right way.
    Good luck.

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