Intensifying screening on illegal doping, yes or no? What about match-fixing?

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    With ever increasing world class athletes cheating (I'm not suggesting anyone) but yes, Lance Armstrong, players are complaining (not necessarily Badminton) about being queried on where they are at all times so authorities can do a spot check for illegal PED screen. Tennis star Djokovic states 'I understand they need to know where I am during tournament, but what I do when I'm off the tournament is too much...' Recently, I heard thery are suggesting that selected athletes wear tracker GPS devices.. ooh Ratchanok is shopping over that mall, let's go mob WSX, she's buying perfume with WYH.., let's go mob LD, he's at the gym (for girl fans), anyone want to mob Goh Liu Ying? Jokes aside..

    But I do think the list of what is illegal drugs, and what's not is not clear cut enough. I mean they keep changing the formula structure of drugs all the time to avoid detection.

    But the worst bane of the problem lies therein with match-fixing, an aged old problem. But let's focus on how to counter these corruption in sport, if not to only discouraged them.

    Is the cane or dangling the carrot the more effective way to stem out these weeds?
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