International Badminton Stars Demonstration Clinic: HK Open

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    This is an amended version of the report from the HK Badminton Association. Sorry if it reads a little disjointedly.

    An "International Badminton Stars Demonstration Clinic" took place during the Hong Kong Open Championships. Junior players were given the opportunity to hone and refine their badminton skills with top international players. It was a chance to develop their interest and enthusiasm the game. In attendance were 200 candidates selected from the Badminton Award Training Course and Regional Squad Training Course of the Bank of China (Hong Kong) Badminton Promotion scheme. The following players were invited to the demonstration: Chen Hong, Xie Xin Fang of China, Anders Boesen and Niels Christian Kaldau of Denmark, Chew Choon Eng and Koo Kien Keat of Malaysia, Hidetaka Yamada of Japan, Daniel Shirley and Sara Runesten-Petersen of New Zealand and Lin Wan Ting of Hong Kong.

    Participants were also given the chance to play with International players. The audience laughed and clapped at the younger childrens' efforts, and applauded those International players when demonstrating their skills. Everyone eagerly took photos and autographs with the International players.

    Thnaks to the Badminton Associations of China, Denmark, Malaysia, Japan, and Denmark for sending their delegations to support this event as well as team managers and coaches."

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