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Japanese players

Discussion in 'Japan Professional Players' started by yannie, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. suetyan

    suetyan Regular Member

    Dec 1, 2004
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    I am worried that the eligible Japanese players will not be playing at the SS Final this year.

    The calendar shows:
    SS Final @ Dubai - 9 to 13 Dec
    All Japan Championship @ Tokyo - 30 Nov to 6 Dec

    Akane has given up her WC spot to her senior in order to compete at the Inter High School Competition. We can see how important is a local tournament to the Japanese players.

    The All Japan Championships is very important to the Japanese players because the finalist will gain a spot in the National Team A in the following year. So, I doubt we will not see any Japanese players at the SS Final this year.
  2. SolsticeOfLight

    SolsticeOfLight Regular Member

    Mar 29, 2012
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    I think if you're playing in the superseries finals you won't have to worry about being in the A team.
  3. LD rules!

    LD rules! Regular Member

    Apr 3, 2009
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    Unfortunately that's not how it works.
  4. blabl

    blabl Regular Member

    Feb 21, 2015
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    For badminton players discipline means everything. If there is no discipline in you, it will be very difficult to be successful.

    As a person who had this opportunity to stay in Japan for a couple of years I am deeply amazed by how well behaved the Japanese people are. This high discipline that has been instilled among the people and citizens there has been the key success to its country. In Japan to be honest it is very difficult for you to find rude people there.

    To me the Japanese badminton team will always remain as the team that I like most in my entire life. Their players are all so well disciplined and well behaved. That is the key factor to their success. Without discipline their players will not be successful.

    Now allow me to make some comparisons here. Of course sometimes when we look at it, it is unfair. Japanese players are punished strictly if they misbehave. But I also know that it is for the good and benefits of his own player. Imagine those players are not disciplined at all I believe they wouldn't be so successful. Next thing is I myself always felt the player must be well behaved and discipline. But comparing we do have players with disciplinary problems in certain countries etc...etc..... But then action has never been taken on their players even if he misbehaves. Even during training time if the player misbehaves also no action taken against him. This is because other countries value result. They don't really care about the players behaviour. As long as the player can produce good result they never even bother to discipline the player even if he misbehaves. For me personally I only support players who behave well. I will definitely not support those players who have good results but have poor behavior. For me to conclude if a player misbehave then I will not respect him and treat him as a good player despite of his good results.

    Well if we are going to compare Japanese ways of doing things with other countries it will definitely be unfair. This is because Japan has long been well known for being a discipline country. This is what I like most about Japan. I believe that Japanese badminton players understand that clearly. Hence what I want to say is keep up the good job and good work to all the Japanese players. Continue to be a well disciplined player and I am sure you will be very successful. I always admire the Japanese players and like them very much because of their good discipline.

    So as a conclusion discipline is the key to success. If a player cannot behave well at the court, misbehave during training time and show disrespect to his coach during training time that to me is not a player that will earn my respect. Learning how to respect your coach and behaving well during training time is a must if a player wishes to be successful. But then again sometimes when people like that player so much they will be so blind such as to say the player is good even if he misbehaves. But for me till today the Japanese team will always remain as my favorite idol. This is because how the Japanese team managed to instil discipline among their players always amaze me.

    What is written here is just purely my personal opinion and hope it won't stir up any heated arguments later.

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