Less accuracy with thin gauge strings?

Discussion in 'Badminton String' started by mew1838, Sep 20, 2020.

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    Longtime Bg80 here and I love everything about the string aside from it being taxing to use over long periods. Tried aerosonic and Ln 1 boost, both thinner strings and more repulsive but I am getting abysmal accuracy with these strings. Most obvious are the clears to the corners being out to the side a little and the net cross court shots being out. I used to be able to hit the corners consistently with the bg80 but can't seem to get the right balance with these other 2 strings. Have used these for over 8 sessions each so it's definitely not the adjustment period...
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    Changing string definitely need some more experiment. Like changing racket, some require less time to adapt but some other need longer time especially if the characteristic is like earth & heaven.

    Back to the string. Thin string are quite repulsive which with just little tap & it will bounce the shuttle far away. So, going to have good accuracy is kinda difficult with it as its so much bouncy. Other hand thick string are less bouncy & most of the strength come from the player itself, similar to stiff shaft or high tension.

    Try to increase the tension bit by bit until you find you taste which still retain some bouncy but not to much bouncy so it could ruin your accuracy

    But keep in mind thin string prone to snap especially on high tension & miss hit.

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