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Discussion in 'China Professional Players' started by zhuangcorp, Jan 24, 2014.

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    What happened to Liu Xin?

    After winning the China Masters in 2013, she has totally disappeared.

    Anybody know her situation?
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    Me too, I'm wondering and waiting. Originally, she was supposed to play Intanon R in R1 of the CHN Open SSP '13 but her name was withdrawn last minute. Then she was enrolled to compete at the IND Open GPG'14 but again her name was taken out last minute.

    I'm just as curious to see how a revitalized Liu Xin will perform in the near future. Her 'secret' intensive,comprehensive 8-month training has done her a lot of good, resulting in her winning the WS runner-up to Li Xuerui at the Chinese National Games last year as well as winning the team championship for BAYI, and followed by that noteworthy CHN Masters SS'13 triumph.

    Presently, I'd expect her to undergo the 28-day winter training with the National Team. Hopefully, after that she would be resuming competition actively and quickly become an asset to CHN WS. Born 11 June 1990, she is still 23 years old and has many good years ahead to perform well and contribute to Chinese badminton. Let's await her return.

    I'm trying to recall where I read of her new year resolution where she said hard,quality training is the way to go to improve herself. She will be back. Ah, yes, found it here including the resolutions of several others.

    Liu Xin's New Year Resolution (my translation) :

    "Entering the new Olympic cycle, to me it is a new starting-point,I look forward to making a new breakthrough. This year(2013),I think my biggest reward is becoming more firm and steady in my (inner) belief. I keep telling myself, must say goodbye to that careless,lazy attitude, regardless whether it is training or competition, have to take it seriously."

    "Having gone through the Chinese National Games and the China Masters, I've acquired improvement in my performance records and come to realize more deeply that, as an athlete, only through great effort can you achieve results, only by steady and serious training can you guarantee the quality of your training and improve your standard. By understanding this principle, I gradually learnt to remind myself that as long as I am willing to plant my feet firmly on the ground and work hard, I will have the strength to achieve it."

    "In 2013, the coaches helped me a lot, I'm grateful for their trust and for giving me more opportunities to compete. What is even more important, when I was in the doldrums, the entire coaches team helped me, talked me round; they served as my driving force to strive onward."

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