looking for a way to rate badminton club members similar to the golf handicap?

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    At our large badminton club here in Montreal our adult members play only doubles on a regular basis. I am hoping to setup a continuous and quantitative way to give each player a rating similar to the handicap in golf. The purpose is to encourage everyone to improve their game and to offer a sort of continuous competition.
    For example, players could choose before any single game, any time during the season, to record and submit a result to the club database. All four participants would sign off on the game report. In this way after enough games, with a wide enough range of other club member, some sort of analysis could be done to rate players.

    The handicap could potentially be used as in golf, during club tournaments, to even up players chances of winning.

    Has anyone ever seen such a system used in badminton before? If not have you any suggestions about how this could be accomplished?

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    'round here....
    What is your relationship status with math? Living separated? On-and-off, because every once in a while you realize you cannot live without it? Love-Hate-Relationship? True and deep love? I mean math, not crunching numbers....

    I'm not sure if @phihag had some resources in english for that, I only know german ones, that would be understandable if there's a small math background to rely on (and maybe Google translate).
    This would be one of them. Nothing to bad... and far from perfect, but maybe a good start to find something.
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    I would not use BAX, but you can use any ELO-style rating system to get a rating for players. If you evaluate every game or even every rally, you'll get precise player levels, and from these you can infer the likelihood of winning, and thus a handicap.
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