my viewpiont on draw in WC or Olympics

Discussion in 'World Championships 2003' started by Xu Zhen, Aug 5, 2003.

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    First, I don't think WC is a pure individual competition. If it were a pure individual one, it would have not limit for entry of every association, that is, WC would have only use one criterion - World Ranking. But WC uses two criteria for entry now, namely, World Ranking and nationality of every player. Do you think it fair to use two criteria for entry and just one criterion for draw?

    Second, in fact WC or Olympics isn't like others individual competitions. the players participating in them are delegates of their association respectively, otherwise, why ascend national flag and play national anthem in the present ceremony?

    Third, the system of accumulating pionts for all kinds of class of tournaments are unreasonable, ie. a B Class tournament Champion can get 120 pionts and 5*tournament Champion only can get 480 pionts, namely if one player/pair just participates in B Classe tournaments 4 times he/she/they can get the same as pionts as a 5* tournament Champion, but do you think these players can have the same strength as those 5* Champions. So if the IBF wants to use World Ranking as just only one criterion for WC or Olympics draw, I think, the IBF should adjust the system of accumulating pionts at first, ie. the pionts should proportion to prix in all kinds of class of tournaments at least as follows(only list Champion's pionts here):
    B Class (reasionable pionts) 40 (current pionts) 120
    A Class (reasionable pionts) 80 (current pionts) 180
    1*(reasionable pionts) 120 (current pionts) 240
    2*(reasionable pionts) 200 (current pionts) 300
    3*(reasionable pionts) 320 (current pionts) 360
    4*(reasionable pionts) 480 (current pionts) 420
    5*(reasionable pionts) 680 (current pionts) 480
    6*(reasionable pionts) 920 (current pionts) 540
    7*(reasionable pionts) 1200 (current pionts) 600

    So, I agree with Malaysian viewpiont now.
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    But nothing can come into action until after next year's olympics. Also maybe, they might introduce rule to protect injured players...or maybe they won't.

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