Need recommendations for shoes!

Discussion in 'Clothing & Footwear' started by Glacier, Jun 13, 2001.

  1. Glacier

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    My current shoes are doing pretty good, but I don't think they will last much longer and so I need to get another pair soon. Bad news is there is not a single store that I know of that sells badminton shoes where I live (around the Seattle area in Washington State, USA). So I'll probably have to buy a pair online...without even getting the chance to try them out.

    I'm going to be frank and am not looking for anything more than US$50 if all you people please provide recommendations as to which pair of shoes to buy. Better yet, does anyone by chance know of any place in my area that sells badminton equipment and also strings racquets?

    Any help will be much appreciated...thanks in advance!
  2. Daniel Chen

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    Yonex SHB-92

    when it first came out, got it around 2100NT = $60 with socks

    i bought my second one about 2 months ago for 1800NT = $50..

    its probably even cheaper now so under $50..

    bestest shoe.
  3. modious

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    Apr 25, 2002
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    Thomson, Singapore.
    I bought it for $120 Singapore dollars!
    I think the SHB-90 is another good alternative.
    It cost $80 singapore dollars.

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