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    [​IMG] is online - the website focuses on strength training with children and youths

    The acronym „Fibaki “stands for „Fit Badminton Kids“. It is equally adressed to coaches and motivated athletes. The free site counts on many videos and the interaction with the users.
    Operator of the site is Michael Biendarra. The idea to the project is based on his researches and results in context with his diploma-thesis "Effects of different strengthtraining methods on maximum force and rate-of-force-development parameters with 9-11 year old badmintonplayers" (Rate: 1,3/A). The appropriate study was accomplished 2008-2009 at the German Sports University Cologne in co-operation with several badminton clubs.
    Biendarra has got a diploma in sports sciences and has been working as a badminton coach for nearly 10 years rigth now. He is owner of the B-coaching-license (2nd highest) and participates in the current A-coaching-education (hihgest) of the German Badminton association. Other coaches are invited to bring send in their personal contributions.

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