Northville Open 2006 - Chicago area

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    coming to a court near you...
    It's awesome that they can promote such an event. That'll certainly help with the profile of the game in the U.S. Now if an event like this can be staged in Canada, that would be a shot in the arm for the game. Wishful thinking?
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    Here is the content, taken from the link..
    noticed the name i've put in bold...
    this is news to me..there is no news yet out of PBSI(Indonesia), but hmmm, what does this mean??is this just purely special trip/vacation for candra wijaya(as i've heard him mentioning he might come back to U.S. again)??...anyone wonder why he will be there??..
    and i don't really want to bring this topic back again, but remember all those talks in this BC forum, after the World Championship this past August??...

    Date: Wed Sep 21, 2005 4:37 am
    Subject: World Badminton Showdown in Mowtown? asian_dude
    Send Email

    The copy of the email below has been forwarded to us. The event is
    still being planned but it makes for good badminton in the Midwest!

    [Thanks to Iwanto Teng for the info!]

    -- CLBP Moderators


    From: Richard Teo/SCI/DCC/DCX
    Date: 09/20/2005 04:09PM
    Subject: Motown showdown 2006

    On behalf of Richard Teo, Lilly Feng and Joe
    Barbario I am excited to announce that next years
    Northville Open will be a tournament you will NOT
    WANT TO MISS.....

    Did any of you miss the world championships in CA
    this year? Have no fear... the champs are coming
    to Detroit...

    Everything from last years tournament will still
    be the same only thing is PRIZES will be BIGGER
    AND BETTER and we're also having an event called
    "World Badminton Showdown in Mowtown." This event
    will feature, World Champions Tony Gunawan and
    Howard Bach, as well as ex-world champions Halim
    Heryanto, Candra Wijaya and USA superstar Kevin

    1.QUESTION: How did SHOWDOWN in MOTOWN get started?

    ANSWER: I recently got off the phone talking to
    Kevin Han and he was extremely interested in
    helping to promote the game of badminton here in
    Michigan. Me, Lilly Feng, Richard Teo, and Joe
    Barbario are partnering up with Kevin Han to
    bring this event here in the Northville Open. The
    exciting news is Kevin Han, Howard Bach, Tony
    Gunawan, Halim Heryanto and Candra are expected
    to sign a contract next week stating for sure
    that they will come during the Northville Open.
    Kevin will be calling me tomorrow to give me the
    exact that date that they will be coming.

    2.QUESTION: Who else is expected to come?

    ANSWER: Nothing is set yet with the ladies... We
    are also trying to get Bang Soo Hyun of South
    Korea (1992 silver medalist, 1996 Gold medalist
    in Olympics women singles), Etty Tantri (Tony's
    wife who was a world class player) and Ye
    Zhoahing (China's women singles former 2 time
    world champion). Those are in the works at the

    3. QUESTION: How will this be paid for? Where is
    the money coming from?

    ANSWER: All proceeds from the Michigan Open will
    go to the funding as well as sponsors who will
    help promote this event....

    Before Motown Showdown, Bach, Han, Gunawan,
    Heryanto and Wijiya will be stopping by the Ann
    Arbor badminton club to hit a few birds, play a
    couple pick up games with local players, and
    possibly try to tour a couple other clubs in
    Metro Detroit Area. If you are a leader of any
    club, please email me and if you're interested in
    getting some of these players to visit your club
    write me a email.

    entering in the tournament it's NOT FREE and it
    will be held at exactly the same time as the

    Friday night, we will have the sr. and open mens
    singles... Saturday's schedule will be different.
    Open and sr. doubles will still go on but at
    3:00 PM the Showdown in Motown will start... The
    IDEA of this event will sort of be like Sudirman
    Cup style. There will be two teams playing for
    the MICHIGAN CUP! Teams consist of:

    This roster is not totally set, but this is the
    ideal roster according to Kevin Han and I.

    Coach: Tom Camichael
    Tony Gunawan
    Howard Bach
    Raju Rai (Currently number 1 singles player in US)
    Etty Tantri (possibly)

    Coach: Martin Barnes
    Halim Heryanto
    Candra Wijya
    Kevin Han
    Bang Soo Hyun (possibly)


    Singles: Kevin Han VS Raju Rai
    Women's singles: Etty Tantri VS Bang Soo Hyun
    Mens doubles: Howard Bach and Tony Gunawan VS Halim Heryanto and
    Candra Wijaya
    Mix doubles: Raju Rai and Etty Tantri VS Candra Wijaya and Bang Soo Hyun

    Tie breaker: Tony Gunawan vs Halim Heryanto

    None of the superstars will be playing in the
    tournament, but after they compete for the
    Michigan Cup they will spend the next 2 to 3
    hours playing pick up games with anyone who
    participates in the tournament in the other
    Northville gym which is down the hall from
    the main gym. That's right.... if you want to
    play mens singles against Tony Gunawan or mens
    doubles against Tony Gunawan and Howard Bach this
    your chance. Any of the 8 superstars will love
    to play any pick up games....

    It doesn't get better than this.... than having
    the 8 ELITE WORLD CLASS players here in

    Within a week or two we will announce the set
    date for this tournament so you can mark on your



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