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Discussion in 'Commonwealth Games 2002' started by chrisgin, Aug 2, 2002.

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    Jul 13, 2002
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    I finally caught some badminton coverage on TV last night, and man was I shocked at how poor the commentary was (if you can call it that). I'm hoping that it was just the NZ commentator and not how badminton commentators are in general, because the guy hardly said two words during the whole game! In between points there was just slience - no analysis of the previous rally or anything, just the occasional comment like 'the NZ'ers have to get back into it...' when we were losing. If I was a non-badminton fan watching this, I would've switched off!

    I haven't seen any other badminton on TV for years - please tell me that the commentary is usually better than this! They should take a leaf out of cricket commentators' books - they know how to talk about nothing for a long time and make it sound interesting! :)


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