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Discussion in 'Techniques / Training' started by gingerphil79, Aug 3, 2011.

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    In the Uk, the badminton season is now over as its summer time but will be starting up in 6 weeks or so time. Am curious to see what if any training players have been doing in this off season.

    Badminton for me is a sport, a competitive sport. I enjoy playing and have fun but I play seriously. I play in leagues over the season and compete in some competitions also.

    Ive been doing a lot of cardio the past few months from Richard Gibneys Badminton life program. Its very good & I can def see a good change in my fitness.

    Am also recently decided to build a bit of strength and muscle mass as am a fairly skinny guy so since a week ago, Ive started lifting heavy weights for my arms, chest and legs and also doing sit ups with the help of

    With regards to playing, Ive been playin about 1/2 times a week with good players. Played a lot of singles with a player who I would say was better than me but we are more even now. This has helped to get me fit also and helped me improve my game as he is hard to read and has some deceptive shots.

    I feel I have improved over the summer as I went to a summer Competition and got runner up in the division in which 6 months ago we didnt win 1 match!! Will play a division up next time :)

    I plan now on adding a bit of speed by skipping etc to make me faster

    Once again my question is what are you doing if anything at all lol?
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    In India, we don't really have "seasons"; we pretty much play all year around. I train (with a coach and the rest of the people there) three and a half hours a day four days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) and play in club competitions on Sunday (lasting from about 9am to 5pm). I sometimes also play on Saturday (friendly) with my friends or my clubmates. But then, I'm a schoolchild so I have a lot of spare time, and Badminton is my main sport.

    To increase my strength, I used to do weight lifting (but not particularly heavy weights), but after I reached the level of strength I have currently I stopped lifting weights because I was happy with it (this was about 2 years ago) for Badminton, and I didn't want to become like a bodybuilder (too much muscle is not helpful - you need muscle for strength, but not for muscle's sake, and then you become rigid and inflexible).

    To increase my footwork speed, I've been doing skipping every training day (1,000 skips a day, which I can do in about 10 or 11 minutes) for the last few years, although I'm not really sure what good this is meant to do. My footwork is quite fast already.

    I recently reached the Finals of my club's U19 tournament (I won the U17 and U15), winning the Semi-Finals 22-24, 21-18, 21-17 (State-level U19 player) and then losing the Finals against a National-level U19 player (#12 I think among Juniors in India) in straight games easily (I lost 21-15, 21-10, but he wasn't smashing in the first game). I have been starved of any State-level competition recently, but my State Championships are in a couple of months and I'll start gearing up for U17 BS soon.

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