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    When I’m moving towards the overhead corner and want to do a straight clear, I usually end up with a 3/4 court clear which results in me getting killed in the next shot :p I used to think it was because I wasn’t moving fast enough so I couldn’t position myself to hit the clear properly, but my coach told me it was actually because I wasn’t pulling back my arm fast enough. So it’s not so much being unable to get into position footwork-wise but more so being unable to execute the swing fast enough(?) because my arm isn’t pulled back sufficiently. I was wondering if there are any exercises or anything that would help train pulling my arm back faster because it’s actually been a problem for quite some time but I’ve just never realised how it’s been impacting my game >< Any help is appreciated and sorry this is so wordy ;-;
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    What he may be getting at is that you are probably just making the classic beginner error of preparing late. So they say to prepare early, as soon as the shuttle is hit high so as soon are you know your shot will be an overhead shot. And to be "turned". So then you will have lots of room to swing and you will be ready to swing.

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