Participants of the Chinese Taipei Open 2006

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    Seems like its gonna be a star-studded events (at least from Asian countries).

    Team China is going to field the players it sends to Malaysia Open: Lin Dan, Chen Hong, Chen Jin, Zhu Weilun, Zhang Ning, Xie Xingfang, Jiang Yanjiao, Wang Lin, Fu Haifeng/Cai Yun, Sun Junjie/Xu Chen, Gao Ling/Huang Sui, Pan Pan/Tian Qing, Zhang Jun/Gao Ling.

    Team Indonesia is also going there with all its first-team players minus Taufik Hidayat. Good news are: the women's singles and doubles will also be there, although its likely that the women's singles will have to qualify once more.

    So, Team Indonesia's Pelatnas players: Sony Dwi Kuncoro (if he can recover from his latest injury), Simon Santoso, Markus Wijanu, Alamsyah Yunus, Tommy Sugiarto, Fransisca Ratnasari, Adrianti Firdasari, Luluk Hadiyanto/Alvent Yulianto, Markis Kido/Hendra Setiawan, Hendra A. Gunawan/Joko Riyadi, Jo Novita/Greysia Polii, Lita Nurlita/Nathalia Poluakan, Rani Mundiasti/Endang Nur Sugianti, Nova Widianto/Lilyana Natsir, Anggun Nugroho/Vita Marissa, Mohd Rizal/Greysia Polii. Non-Pelatnas pairs: Rian Sukmawan/Eng Hian. Its also likely that Tony Gunawan will be there, probably partnering Candra Wijaya and also Cheng Wen-Hsing.

    Team Hong Kong, Korea and Thailand will also field its best players there. So, we know awaits who are the participants from Malaysia. The tournament should be a good gauge of who will be likely to win golds at the Asian Games in Doha at the end of the year.
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    well.. i just hope astro will have the live broadcast for SF and Final so that i could see all the stars!!

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