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    It’s great to have my favorite sports (badminton and tennis) back again on the TV screen after so long. Tennis has been kicking back with the US Open happening right now and badminton will be back in early Oct with the Thomas & Uber Cup. There are a few adjustments made for Covid safety that could be observed on court on the tennis side, and I wonder if the same will be applied with badminton

    1. No audience. No fan roars, no cheering, just empty seats. Each player are only allowed to have maximum 3 people in the stadium with them. The Danish government is banning public gatherings with more than 500 people. Do you think the TUC will happen behind closed door altogether or a limited amount of fans will be allowed in with seating distance? I imagine being in an enclosed indoor space with the same air conditioning system will pose more of a risk, so would BWF take that risk?

    2. Referees and everyone else in the stadium except for the players themselves have to wear masks Probably we’ll see that with badminton as well?

    3. No towel service. Tennis players now have to fetch their own towels now, like badminton players always have, which to me is just an obvious thing. God knows what kind of fluids and germs are in those towels, why make the ball kids carry them with their bare hands? Funny how a global pandemic needs to happen before everyone realizes the importance of basic hygiene practices. Also, I’ve noticed that players no go for their towel way less between points (since they have to go all the way to the back of the court instead of just signaling for it and have it delivered immediately). It obviously make them overuse it, some ask for it between almost every point it’s ridiculous. It is much better now, less delay and better hygiene!

    4. Shuttle dispenser. I’ve read about this somewhere, that at all of the year-end BWF events, there will be a shuttle dispenser at the end of the court which allows players to get new ones themselves. Another brilliant idea that should be kept post-Covid? But it also says that players will still come to the service judge to return the old shuttles, but with their racket (to keep distance) which defeats the point of the whole dispenser thing Now they have to walk up to return the shuttle, then walk all the way to the back to get new ones? Why not just have a disposal box right next to it so they can throw old ones in?

    5. Line judges replaced by technology. In US Open this year, all but 2 main courts will have the Hawkeye Live technology replacing line judges. That will obviously be much harder with badminton but honestly I’d love to see that happen when technology gets up to that level. No one can give angry side eyes or yell at line judges then.

    6. No handshakes. Players touch their rackets at the end instead.
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    Hi Jen!

    I'll reply to you what I know so far about the upcoming return to play.

    I believe TUC will have limited audience allowed in. As their 'return to play' does include red zone, (green zone for officials, players, BWF staff etc.; orange for volunteers of the tournament; red for spectators.) They seem to be selling tickets on ticketmaster still, so unless something changes, I believe that they will allow limited spectators.

    For the Latvian Open that just occurred, I believe umpires and SJ did not wear masks, only the referee did. I'd assume this is dependent on how severe the cases are in the country in general to how strict this is. I am guessing umpires will be wearing masks going forward. It is also recommended that SJ wears gloves as well.

    Yes, there is supposedly a shuttle dispenser on each ends of the court where players can get the shuttles themselves. My assumption for why there isn't a disposal bin next to it would be from stopping players who may take a new shuttle and dispose of the used one before the umpire allows them to change the shuttle.

    Line judges will still be the norm. I know the TUC should have 2 courts with IRS. With the speed of results as of now, and the costs behind it, having IRS on all courts would just not be feasible.
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    Having the player disposing off old shuttle has drawbacks. Players have interfered and abused the shuttle away from the prying eyes of umpire and cameras.

    So now no umpire will be looking at the state of shuttle; pretty slick this I reckon. No chance of disciplinary sanction or reprimand.

    The practice does save a few seconds (2" to 5" from a small dataset) from earlier practice of walking to the service judge and walking back. This should massively save time from the 15 to 30 shuttle changes that take place in many matches.

    Which US Open? Tennis or Badminton? The 2020 badminton event was first suspended and then cancelled, was it not?
    Certainly, players would still show frustration using same gestures or shouts to the machine. I am not being flippant here, it has and still is happening in tennis.

    Which speed of results are you referring to? It takes an hour on average for each match.
    As for the costs, how much is it? Any approximate amount would do (€/$ per event or day or hour).

    And I dread when there will be matches without line judges. What will the twitterati and BCers vent then!

    The wai or sà-wàt-dii (Thai), namas-tey (Indian), or mingalaba (Burma?) custom is adopted with so ease by all, it is a wonder why all that fanfare about shaking hands was not abolished long time ago.

    Besides the hygienic aspect, it is respectful, and most importantly saves time to announce the results of the match.

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